Stéphane Proust sextape

5 years ago
I was insulted on webcam by horny haters. But I still jerked off in front of them, It was the best masturbation I had ever. Some of them disconnected, but not all. We began to discuss. I was threatened to be recorded and the video used against me. My face was apparent, I was naked in front of people who despised me, and I was on the edge, full of that fear and that irrepressible pleasure which comes with a such perverse masturbation. They laughed at me when I gave my agreement to be recorded on their video. One of them proposed that I cum again all over my own usual glasses like a retard, then he would have the video, and they said that my name would be linked to this infamous video. They asked me if I liked a total social suicide. I accelerated my hand on my dick and I answered immediately yes. Thinking of acting in front of them like this, I had an even bigger erection, and yes, my name was Stéphane Proust, yes I was a total pervert who deserved to be denounced. I was scared that they would disconnect, so much I was to be disgusting. But they asked me to do it in this case.. Hoping that I was being recorded, I began to stroke my dick more and more fast, my balls exposed and my legs open. Understanding that I fucked up my own life, I willingly let come an orgasm and send cumshot after cumshot, in order to give to my haters what they asked. Luckily they used really the video on private groups and it was fantastic, I lost some friends and a lot of people walked away from me. Finally, I got a version and now I upload myself to complete my despicable degradation, because I confess that I’m a pervert and I'm extremely aroused by all this.